This is from a ride myself and Chris (aka 200x_basket) went on over behind his house. We just found it recently. There are about 400 acres of woods with a powerline running across it. The land has one main trail that runs the entire length that opens up into 3 different larger sandy areas. The first one is the biggest & has about 5 acres of sand with lots of good berms and some whoops. There's also a pretty big hill with several ways to climb it. Most of these pics were taken around the hill.

Since Chris rides a 250R, this is a common sight on uor rides. ;)

Here he is coming over the crest of a small, but steep climb. The other riders are just some people we met on the trail.

Here's me climbing the same hill. Thanks for the funny angle cameraman!

Here's another shot corrected for the camera angle. Check out the front tire on the way to riding a mean wheelie over the top!

We then found a perfectly flat patch of ground with just enough mud for donuts. This pic shows Chris right before his pro-wedges caught traction and sent him flying about 6ft!

Here's me doing a little better thanks to the baldies on my beater 350x.

There were also some gnarly hillclimbs back in the woods...especially so since neither of our bikes has rear brakes! Here's Chris trying to to make it over an especially nasty sand hill.

Before we left we took a couple of last pics of us climbing the other side of that big hill.

Here's the aftermath. That's my '85 350x on the left & Chris' '85 250R on the right.

We had a great time & will be going back again soon. We welcome anyone that wants to come with us!

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