These pics are from the riding we did on the big Mississippi River sandbar on 10/13/02. Unfortunately the digital cam we brought didn't take pics right when you pushed the button. There was about a 3sec delay which meant we didn't get many good pics on it. However that wasn't the only camera present so we'll have more shortly.

Here's Kevin (Wildchild74) showing off his 2 babies.


Chris (200x_Basket) almost doing a loop.


Here's me after landing a HUGE jump!


Kevin about to get some big air.


Trent (Zazoos) taking his 350x up a big hill.

Trent again after landing a nice jump.

This is Rick (Icarus) on his '86 200x.

KP and Anita trying to get air on their Wolverine. :)

This is Howard after punking out on the big jump.


This is Dusty (Kevin's wife) showing why women and quads don't mix.


Friends don't let friends ride 2stroke Hondas.