Here's my '85 250r, '86 Tecate 3, and '86 350x after a hard day of riding.

Trishee brought his SWEET '85 Tri-z, although we didn't get to see it out on the dunes. It's almost too nice to ride!

Greg (lookin4trikes) brought his freshly painted 250r that thing was clean! He had problems with low compression on the ride, but has a stroker kit on the way!

Here's Stouttrout on his super-clean '86 350x

Everyone at the dunes was freaking out over all the 3wheelers. They were out in force & this isn't even all of 'em!

Although they had hookups at the site, I hadn't gotten my bus conversion finished yet before the ride. After we threw in all of our spare parts it was pretty crowded up in there!

Friends shouldn't let friends ride drunk! That's Chris (200x_basket) and his girl Kerri on the left. To the right there's Stouttrout, Lil Pat (behind his '86 350x), and his wife on the quad.

As always, the 4 strokes trucked & the 2 strokes SUCKED. Every 2stroke we brought got pull-started or pulled in before the weekend was over!

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