Memorial Day Weekend, 2006, there was a big ride out on Razor Rd. in California. Some of the members attending included:
trailer (60K)
14 (41K) 10 (23K) 11 (19K) 12 (30K) 13 (34K)
Disco: "We talked to the guys that drove this" 14939DSC02005-med (33K)
"They told us all about secret military bases, UFO's, oddities and the famed Barstow Megaphone. We found it..." 14939DSC02011-med (26K) 15 (32K) 16 (52K) 17 (43K) 18 (34K) 19 (24K) 20 (51K)
Your bike runs better when there's gas in it!
2079DSC02002-med (30K) 21 (53K) 22 (18K) 23 (48K) 24 (43K) 25 (27K) 26 (41K) 27 (33K) 28 (26K) 29 (35K)
Time for a 7-trike night ride! 3 (66K) 30 (47K) 3whlrs1 (198K)
Wilcamcah's Tri-z and Doc86R's 250R 4 (68K)
wilcamcah on the maiden voyage of the tri-z 5 (48K)
c alex on the 200x and wilcamcah in the background on the z 6 (33K) 7 (18K) 8 (45K) 8 (45K) 9 (18K)
A couple of Alex. Alex1 (56K) Alex2 (35K)
Jason and Disco found a new hill. bigdunewall (52K)
Brent on his R.
Brent (36K)
doc & dove helping alex , luis , and toni with our tent
camp (59K)
Doc86R catching some air. DOC (34K)
Mr. Sandman: "Disco's right, Doc didn't break, that was me at least we we're within a few miles of camp and not 15 miles up the canyon. I guess it was time for a top end rebuild anyway, but that's not exactly how I like to do it. Rivertoys, I'm glad you finally got that "electrical" problem worked out and were able to ride. Brent and Doc, thanks for the hospitality. Doc, a big thanks for the use of your tow strap, the dose of Advil and the electrical trouble shooting of Fred's Raptor. It turns out that Fred was right, his afro-engineering of the headlights and all the whoops didn't mix. It was nice to meet everyone, maybe next time we can all get a ride in together. Unfortunately, I only have one picture to post. All that riding and I only got the camera out once. Left to right is Doc, Brent and your's truly, Sandman, right before we hit the ramp (in front of Brent's trike) and jumped into the canyon below. IMG_0377 (81K)
Wilcamcah: "i have more pics and a few short clips but they are on my other camera and i havent fully unpacked yet. but i must say i had a great time and it was fun to ride and meet some of the guys on here. i want to thank brent, john, rob, and everyone else for the hospitality as well as the great times. there is really nothing like tearing up the desert in a huge pack of trikes simply awesome. cant wait to do it again and meet some more members. ps: disco and rivertoys that was an awesome ride but next time i will be sure to pack a camelback lol." "im like dove i cant wait for the next ride the riding this weekend is all ive talked about to anybody who will listen haha. thanks for the compliments on my z guys, im really happy with it and i have to say rex's 250sx was awesome and seeing all of those r's in one place was just sick. as well as the rivertoys and johns 350x its the first time ive ever seen that many trikes in one spot and it cool as heck hearing and seeing that pack of trikes take off into the desert."

Rivertoys: "That night ride was awesome.....the whole day was really....except for when I ran out of gas that sucked. Thank God for good friends who will help you out when you're dumbass. Now we just gotta think of a name for that dune!!! "

Doc86R: "Call it Brent's hill - cause he was the only one I saw climb it...I climbed everything except that SOB - too loose at the top Great trip - the hardest part was remembering all the new names - outstanding fun and I burned about 15 gallons of gas (not counting the wife's quad and the genny). I laugh everytime I think of "How many people in the world are riding trikes and looking up at the stars tonight - I'm gonna go with 7" and the time travel story, too."

dovesprings250R: "Thanks for the great trip everyone! Also thanks for photos so we all have some memories. Will, Doc, Rex, Sandman,Fred, Disco, Rivertoys, Alex, Luis, Kelly,Dad, Melissa, Toni. Thanks for everything. I've met the nicest riding buddies and friends from this site in the last 8 months. Disco and rivertoys, Thanks for finding those dunes and megaphone......we went back to the dunes on sunday and killed em again, rode around them and did this gnarly cross country desert trip over to the megaphone.Sandman,s bike is awesome Very very fast. I wish you could have been there for the big dunes we found. Watching Rex rail the whoops on his sx at night was too much fun! Doc, and kelly....thanks for the use of the trailer during the wind, and for the excellent food..........Dove(Brent)"
"That Gazebo/chapel lies on the outskirts of a small rach belonging to the folks that own the gas station at rasor road exit. maybe we can have the next .org wedding out there The megaphone is anyone's guess It's way up high on some gnarly rocks. Thanks again to disco and rivertoys for locating it My Dad was riding the whoops better on the last day I noticed, he'll be up to speed in no time Will's new tri-z RIPS!!!Lots of low end grunt, it's fast and sounds real throaty. Nice score!.......................................On the way back home we stopped at the rasor road gas station to air up. Rex was just leaving. Oprah winfrey, her friend gayle, and a camera crew stopped for gas. Oprah was driving! I should have got pics as I'm sure she would have obliged but just didn't really think of it at the time. Pretty cool though.Must have been going to Vegas."

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