Took the family to Evans Creek up by Mt Ranier last weekend. We mostly putted on the dual use roads, but had a good time. First my daughter and I had to get the trikes ready, and do some work on the trailer. Then we got everything loaded and were ready to go.
DCP_1575 (89K) DCP_1580 (82K)
We rode for a while and then stopped for lunch. Gotta love the Big Red, put a bunch of stuff in the trunk, and strapped some more to the rear rack. DCP_1589 (82K) DCP_1591 (141K) DCP_1594 (73K)
We then found a couple of places with better views of the mountain. I had on 14/40 for gearing with the 20" tires. I wished I had put a 12 tooth countersprocket on. I spend a lot of time with the 350X in first gear not much above idle. DCP_1606 (87K) DCP_1616 (62K)
It was really dusty, so when we got home all the trikes had to have a bath. They all got scrubbed on the bottom too!!! DCP_1617 (115K)

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