On Father's Day Weekend of 2005 a large group got together in Florence, Oregon at the Driftwood II Campground for our 2nd Annual 3wheeler.org Trike Rampage. Several dozen 3wheelers of all makes & models showed up as well as close to 100 people! Below are some pics from various members along with the captions they provided.

Jen (jnndnn3) and her husband Brian working on their 200x jnb200x (57K)
Steph (azhondagrl) on the way in from a Ride steph1 (41K)
Koggs Following koggs1 (39K)
Bigyellow4x4(Left) and Koggs Telling Lies bignkoggs (50K)
DirtDog Cookin Breakfast for 15 dog1 (62K)
Carl (holding his helmet) showed up with his Family of Bikes carl1 (60K) carl2 (56K)
MWKE's (Craig) son on his 200S....(Which Later Broke) mwkeson (48K) mwkeson2 (30K) mwkeson3 (36K)
MWKE's (mywifeknowseverything) wife (Finally got her on 3) mwkewife (40K)
MORE FOOD!!!!! morefood (64K)
THE BIG CHEESE on Dunerash's 250R cheese-dr (40K)
Jenn's Kid on the 110 jennkid (49K)
Troll's R and Bake's 350X...(I think they need to be left alone and Make Babies!!!) trollbake (52K)
A couple of shots by MWKE of the LINE UP..... lineup1 (58K) lineup2 (60K)
We finally figured out what the Boys Of SWR are good for... HOLDING THE ORG BANNER banner1 (44K)
We managed to round up many of the riders for a group shot. group1 (44K)
Bigyellow bigy (39K)
Jenn's hubby finally decides to ride the ol R brian1 (33K)
Carl carl3 (43K)
Carl and son carl4 (40K)
Wild200x wild200x (39K)
Wild's Family wild2 (36K)
Unknown Rider unknown (34K)
Start 'em out young! kid (77K)
notice Dunrash's suspension. He was moving to say the least........ dr1 (319K)
Dan (250sx) riding Dunerash's trike cheese2 (283K)
Blazerone22_350x on his '84 R blazer1 (246K)
Troll hittin' the bowl troll1 (350K)
That's alot of 3wheelers! lineup3 (216K) Another shot of Dunerash on his souped-up R dr2 (315K) Some randon shots by Jenn jenn1 (41K) jenn2 (36K) jenn3 (34K) jenn4 (36K) jenn5 (27K) jenn6 (41K) jenn7 (43K) jenn8 (33K) jenn9 (35K)
A few from Troll troll2 (67K) troll3 (78K) troll4 (47K) Some of Blazer's trikes he brought blazerstrikes (83K)
Troll's trike has a sweet paint job troll5 (354K)
The man himself (Troll) troll6 (336K)
Check out this VIDEO of Troll in action!
Brian, Dirtdog, Azhondgrl & hubbie, Jenn, and MWKE's wife group2 (82K) Hangin out with the AZ Newlyweds! group3 (78K)
ahhh the view... lineup4 (58K)
Trike City lineup5 (82K)
Push em or pull em ...just get em lined up! 84KXTTecate's tri-z didn't last long. pushintriz (91K)
Tecate's are a PITA to start for that first ride tecate (47K)
Nothing like some "in field" repairs! They got it done though! jennbrian200x (70K) the allmighty whoop road whoop (46K)
when was the last time you saw anything like this? lineup6 (62K)

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