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Please be aware of some rules we have for posts on the boards and for general use of our sight.

You really should read the rules, before proceeding on to the Message Board

  1. Registration is REQUIRED to view the forums. Also, you cannot post messages until your registration has been approved. We apologize for this requirement, but circumstances have made it necessary.
  2. Be nice...no cursing or abusive language will be tolerated on any board except the "fight club" forum.
  3. Post your questions to the right forum... This will improve your chances of getting an answer. It just makes things a little more organized.
  4. The lounge is the open forum. Feel free to talk about anything from politics to school to your 401K, it doesn't have to be 3wheeler related in the Lounge.
  5. SPEAK UP...don't be shy, we are all friends joined by our love of 3wheelers so don't be afraid to voice your opinion.
  6. Fight Club access is for members only. You must be registered to get in. Due to the sometimes adult nature of the conversations & posts there you must also be over 18yrs old.
  7. If you register and do not receive your password via email, please contact Me

  8. Impersonating other members by posting with usernames similar to those of others will NOT be tolerated.

There really is only some more guidelines before proceeding on to the Message Board

Other Important Information

Picture Rules:

Picture Rulz and instructions..

All picture attachments that use the free uploading function are limited to pics of THREE WHEELERS or things related to THREE WHEELERS. I don't mind if you post the occasional pic of something else, but I don't have enough extra site space to host it here. If you do have a trike picture to post, then here's how to do it.

1. In the new post window click on the little paperclip above the box where you type your message

2. Clicking the paperclip will open the message attachment window. You can upload up to 3 pictures per post. Just click the "browse" button and find the filename of the picture you want to upload & doubleclick it.

3. When you're done selecting pictures click the upload button. If the upload is successful a new message will appear with the filename(s) listed under "current attachments." Note that the pic file cannot contain spaces in the filename or be too large or it will not upload.

4. When you're done uploading just close the window and post your message! Feel free to contact a moderator if you're still having trouble with your pics.

5.Please use another server to host non-trike pictures. Just link in your pic from sites like http://s22.photobucket.com/

6.Thanks Graphic porn is neither welcome nor allowed on this site. There are plenty of other outlets for that kind of stuff.

Your half way done! Why not just finish reading these before proceeding on to the Message Board

Fight Club Rules:

This forum is for venting, letting off steam, arguments that started elsewhere on the board, and just plain stupidity in general. My intent with this forum was for it to be "almost" anything goes. If you are here just to talk trikes then there isn't anything in here you'll want to see. Bad language and bad attitudes are the norm in this forum ONLY. I don't tolerate it anywhere else on the board. This is just here to warn you before you go viewing the posts in here of what you are likely to see. People who only post here in the fight club are subject to be suspended or banned entirely. This room is here to SETTLE disputes, not START them. If your only contribution to this board is to argue then we don't need or want you here. We do watch this & although I have been lax recently that is about to change.

What is ok here in the Fight Club:

* trike-related nudity (someone standing next to or on a trike)

* cursing

* dirty jokes, bad jokes, off-color jokes

* arguments

* attacks based on dealings/postings of other members

* reasoned criticism of this site or any other

What is NOT tolerated in the Fight Club:

* graphic nudity

* no personal attacks on anyone in the trike community ( this board or others )

* site bashing

Rules for posting pictures containing nudity

Graphic porn is neither welcome nor allowed on this site. There are plenty of other outlets for that kind of stuff. If you have a pic with nudity you want to post ask yourself 2 questions... 1. Is there a 3wheeler in it? 2. Would a movie theatre show a film containing this much nudity? If the answer is no to EITHER question then don't post it! All you photoshop guys take note...there must be a trike in the ORIGINAL pic. Pics with a small trike pic stuck in the corner aren't allowed. Also, the 2nd question means that if the pic would get an x-rating then don't post it! Think playboy instead of hustler. If you have any doubts email it to me or the moderators BEFORE you post it for approval.

What is a personal attack?

"I don't like soandso because he's a fatass goatboy"

"Soandso is a wetback sonofabitch and I don't like him. Why? Just because."

"Changing the quoted's name"

What is NOT a personal attack?

"I am sick of the BS you post on there. I wish you would STFU."

"Soandso is a crybaby because he can dish it out but he can't take it. He said blahblahblah about someone, but when they said blahblahblah back he cried."

In other words, if you are flaming someone for the hell of it then your post doesn't belong here. If you have a GOOD reason that is related to something then jump right in.

Yes, sometimes the rules may get applied in a way that you think gives some people special treatment. The other option here is we can just delete ALL posts that even resemble a personal attack & what fun would that be?

It is a fine line between what is & isn't a personal attack. If you don't like the way I or any of the other mods draw this line then you can either

A. start your own site

B. don't come in here

Only a couple more things! Why not just finish reading these before proceeding on to the Message Board


Whether you think they should be worn or feel it's a personal choice, the use or non-use of helmets is not a topic for discussion on this board. It's clear that rational discussions of them have run their course & further discussions constantly end up getting moved to the FC. Any violation of this rule will result in a warning or a suspension from the board.

                         Now you May Proceed to the Message Board!!!!

Please be aware violation of these policies can result in warnings, temporary suspensions, or permanent bans.
Everything is judged by moderators discretion. Every situation is different.

Ok go ahead and proceed on to the Message Board! I swear until next week there is really no more rules!
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