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  • Spark plug gap?

    Hello All,
    Does anyone know the type/ and the proper gap for a spark plug on the 84 Honda 200X? I am going to change the plug tomorrow, it was hard to start today, I know that I flooded the engine while trying to start it. Would octane booster help?

    I am not real sure about the choke setting either. I know that this unit has a new carbeurator, and that it has a 3 position choke. I have managed to start it in all 3 positions. I feel sure that the upper position is full choke, because the motor will die instantly when it is pulled up. I feel tht the other two positions are half open (middle) and full open at the bottom.

    I would like to idle it up just a little bit as well, but I am not real sure how to do this just yet. I will be glad when the tech manual comes in the mail.

    Has anybody ever used WD-40 as a "starter fluid"? I used to use it a good bit on gasoline powered 4 stroke motors for scissor lifts and boom lifts, it worked great and would not scortch the pistons like regular starting fluid will. I have since heard that WD does not use explosive propellants, but I an not completely sure of this.

    Thanks very much for any help. - Best

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    no its not a good thing to use as starting fluid, most likely will not hurt the engine to much, but starting fluid has upper cylinder lubercant most of the time so it doesnt scorch the cylinder. snything aresol is explosive but I dunno, it will ignite if it is hot enough, but your better off using gas.


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      Don't laugh. Many, many years ago, when I was just a mere apprentice, a journeyman told me to go get the WD and hit the air intake on the scissor lift with it one time. I went to his brother, who was the supervisor, and told him what his "idiot" brother had sent me to do. He handed me the can and told me to get on it. If you have the smallest amount of fire, I mean just enough to barely turn the motor over, WD will make it roar to life. True! It really works. I heard a couple of years ago that WD had changed propellants, and that it did not work like this anymore, but I have not tried it to find out for sure. Anyway, I will pick up a plug, and save the starter fluid as a last resort. Best -


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        I'm almost positive the gap is .028". all the way up is full choke on my 350x and should be on yours as well. you should be able to start it w/ full choke and almost immediately turn it off.

        my dad's big red needs a little boost if it's been sitting more than a week or so. haven't bothered figuring out why yet.

        I'd feel safer using a starting fluid w/ upper cylinder lube myself, but that's just me. just use it sparingly. you might try taking the carb off and flushing it thoroughly though b/c it's not supposed to need a boost.


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          Big Cheese

          Thanks for the info. I will install the plug first. I will save the starting fluid as a last resort. It was rainy here today, I don't know if that had anything to do with it or not. Anyway, thanks again. -


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            According to my book, the gap should be anywhere from.024 to .028


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              I tried it

              I gapped the plug at .026, a new plug, with a little starting fluid. I have kicked it until my leg is coming apart, and it has not started yet. I do not understand, it has been starting with just a few kicks. I'll mess with it a little more later today. Thanks for all of the help.


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                Still trying to crank it

                Well, I tried it until my leg could not take it, and I could not get the trike to fire off today. I am thinking that it is a problem with the electrical system, since it would not fire off with a new plug and a generous amount of starting fluid. I am not exactly sure how these things are set up, but I will be researching and delving into it tomorrow. Any help would be greatly appreciated. - best


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                  I'd try pullstarting it in 2nd or 3rd gear next.


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                    I'll give it a shot when my neighbor gets home. I have a steep drive way, it slopes away from the road, I may try scooting down it a few times as well. Thanks.

                    BTW, if pull starting is a success, what could I look for to troubleshoot the problem? I would assume it either to be electrical, or the carb.
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                      no, pull starting helps the combustion process by speeding it up and heating up the rings. the timing chain might of slipped and the timing could be off, just some thought into the subject.