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  • `84 ATC 70 with no spark......


    just picked up an `84 atc70 for my youngest today......trike has no spark.....i pulled the magneto off and cleaned up the points(which are new) and the surfaces on the inside of the magneto and the stator....checked the points to make sure they were opening when the magneto rotated around(waiting on a shop manual for it to arrive so i don`t know if the points are adjusted right)...and the previous owner had also replaced the coil with a "universal"coil...i tried both with it,and then reinstalled the factory coil he had removed,and still no spark....

    what do ya`ll "experts" suggest?


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    You need to check the stator winding with an ohm meter. The best way I know to check ignition parts is to swap the back and forth with a running trike.


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      Have you tried spark plug and making sure the spark plug cap is on correctly? Once in awhile the cap needs to be removed and a 1/4 inch or so of the spark plug wire cut off to get fresh wires and the cap reinstalled. Could the kill switch be not working property?


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        ok....i`ve checked the stator coil with an ohmmeter,and got a reading of .4 on one and .7 on the other....but the manual doesn`t give any specs on what it should be in order to tell if they are acceptable.....any suggestions anyone?


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          Your numbers seem kinda low. You sure your kill switch is not bad??

          Disconnect the black wire from the motor to the coil. You have to make sure that the points are open, the manual says allign the "F'" mark with the index mark. Check the resistance between the black wire and ground, it should be 2.43 to 2.97 Ohms. You might have to wait for your Ohm meter to charge up the condenser before you get a good reading.

          To verify that the kill switch is not bad, just disconnect the black wire coming from the handlebars from the connection between the coil and the motor. See if you have spark. When the kill switch is on (in the middle), the black wire from the switch should be open to ground. When the switch is off (to either side) there should be a dead short from the black wire to ground. The ground going to the switch is a green wire.

          The green wire is the lighting coil. the best way to test it is to hook up a 15 watt 6 volt bulb and pull the starter. The bulb should flicker. Another way is to put the trike in third gear and push it around. It should start turning over pretty good, and the light should come on.


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            Originally posted by ATCnut
            The green wire is the lighting coil...
            I didnt know that ATC70's had a lighting coil?


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              Later ATC70s use the same stator plate as the CT70. There is a 6V lighting coil.


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                One of my 70's used to do this intermittently, and it was a bad plug wire... I made a new one out of leftover 8mm wire, and she was good as new!