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  • Honda 125m, help please

    Hey man NICE SITE, Here is my situation, A friend of mine gave me a 125m, it has been sitting in his barn for the last 10 years. When I brought it home I put a makeshift gas tank on it and it fired up on the second pull and runs exc., but there are a few things I need to know, here is a list.

    1) The drive chain is missing and I need a new one. What size chain do I need to get?

    2) The gas tank was completly rotten so I had to make a temporary one but the problem is, On the left side of the motor there is a fuel shut off and on the shut off there are 2 fuel lines, I figured out which one feeds the fuel, but I can't seem to figure out what the other is for. As soon as I turn the fuel off, the other line starts leaking?

    3) Does it take mixed gas or straight?

    4) How many gears are there and where the heck is neutral?

    I know its quite a list but this is my first 3 wheeler and I'm looking forward to trying it out,

    Thanx a lot Steve<><

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    This is not a long list of Q's at all

    1) Im not sure, never had one of those. Take a good look at the sprockets too. If they show wear, replace them. A lot of damage can occur if you throw a chain, even a new chain on old sprockets can be a problem.

    2) The two lines out of the fuel shutoff went to the two ports on the tank. One was the normal port, and the other was for reserve. The normal port had a tube that stuck up in the tank so it would not drain all the way to the bottom. The reserve port drained the tank dry. The way it is supposed to work is when you run out of gas on the normal setting, you switched to reserve and had enough gas to get home. There should be three positions of the fuel valve, ON OFF RES. When the valve is OFF, no fuel should flow from the ports into the carb. When the valve is ON, fuel should flow in from one port into the carb. When the valve is RES, fuel should flow in from the other port into the carb. I just checked a spare valve I have, and when the valve is OFF, the two ports are connected together. There is a little bowl on the bottom of that valve. Take it off and clean it out, and clean the little screen in there (if there is one). Is your valve held on with two small phillips screws? If it is, take it off and clean out behind it too. For your temp tank, just hook both ports to the tank outlet.

    3) This is a four stoke Honda, and takes stright gas.

    4) Again, I have never had a 125M, but if it is like other honda auto clutch trikes neutral will be at the bottom (keep pushing down and releasing) and the gears will be all up. {some of the older ones were backwards from that, neutral at the top and the gears all down. I think the 125M is new enough for all up shifting} Is probably a 4 speed, but again not sure.


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      the chain size you need is a 428-92, so you will need 92 links for the length. If you can't find that length of links just buy one with more links and count out the links and grind off a link with a grinder to that length. I saw there is a couple that size on ebay, the trx125 four wheeler is the same size of chain too. And the shift pattern i believe is to pull up on higher gears and push down to go into lower gears on that one.


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        I suggest you get a free Dennis Kirk catalog. They have parts like that at a reasonable price PLUS in the back they have the stock gearing, chain, sprocket, hub and tire size reference tables.



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          Go to and on the side it will have a link for machine specs. It will tell you the chain and sprockets ect. The 125m has the chain adjustment on the end of the swing arm. Looses all 4 bolts, slap the chain on, turn both side adjuster nuts till you have the chain were you want it and tighten all 4 bolts.

          Out of all the trikes we have this is the most reliable hassle free one. i spent $65 on the battery, but now the wife and kids can hop on, start it right up and go.

          Neutrel is all the way up. If your by the shifter looking at the bike on the end of the motor you will see a red pointer that rotates when you shift and on the motor is a "N" to show you your in neutrel. Also down below that pointer on the bottom of the motor will the a H-L shifter selector, and the H and L or on the case.