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  • 1981 Honda ATC 110 brought back to life :D

    Hey there pplz.

    So I bought the 1981 ATC 110A for $250 a few weeks ago.
    The guy said it runs, but could not start it… :/
    When I opened the tank I noticed it smelled rotten… Like rotten eggs rotten…
    Soooo I decided to just winterize it for this year.
    That was until today. We had some awesome weather of only +1*C (That’s 33.8 f)
    Might seem cold to most southern ppl, but that’s t-shirts and light ware here.
    I decided to do a general troubleshooting to see if I can get this 110 running.
    I have learned that there are usually only 3 things that go wrong with sitting machines.

    1. Fuel.
    2. Air
    3. Electrical

    Thus I decided to look over all these aspects.
    The fuel I knew was bad. So I poored in a full tank of new fuel.
    Then I checked carb drain flow.
    This will tell you is you have carb problems…
    In this situation the carb draining was down to a few drips every few seconds.
    This means that the carb needs a cleaning.

    So step one, close petcock.
    Then remove air boot from carb and undo the bolts and throttle cable.
    Undo the tank bolts and take the whole thing tank and carb to a good
    sturdy work bench.
    I then placed a plastic bag over the fuel cap hole and put the cap back on.
    This will prevent fuel form getting out.
    Then I placed the tank on it’s side with the hoses up towards me and the carb sitting in a
    oil pan that I only use for gas parts cleaning.
    I then took the carb apart. All parts where removed.
    I noticed that a layer of algae like build up covered everything…
    This I have seen before. This is the buildup you get from Ethanol enriched fuels.
    Here is a friendly tip… when buying fuel, get the good stuff with either no or little ethanol added.
    Ethanol is cheap fuel filler and it’s the markets way to eventually move on to new products by destroying the old!
    You will also notice that with clean fuel you will have better performance.
    Moving on…. I cleaned the carb and all its parts with gas. (used tooth brush works best.)
    To clean out all the tubes I used my little 2 gal compressor @ 100psi with its jetting tip.
    In no time the tubes were clean. You will know if they are clean when the pressure going in is the same going out. WARNING DO PLEASE WEAR GLASSES IF YOU ARE GOING TO DO THIS.. there is a lot of spray.
    And I will bet my silver dollar that a whole wack of ppl don’t know much about the inner workings of carbs. (Where does this tube go?)

    Anyways, Once all the blasting was done, I reassembled the carb and slapped it back on the bike with some good old duck tape… lol, j/k.

    So this basically covered two things in one, Fuel and Air. I checked the air filter… looks clean.
    Now I wanted to see if it will start up. I gave it a few cranks… nothing.

    Thus moving on to part 3.
    First thing to check is the spark plug. I took it off and let it sit on the head still connected to the Coil to see if I got spark. I did, good, but the spark looked yellow. The color should be blue/white. So this means I have to take a run to my local Canadian Tire Store. They didn’t have the D8HA plug for the 1981 model in stock, but they did have the DR8HS for the 82 and up.
    After looking over the stats of the two and comparing them, there is basicly no difference. It will do the trick.


    D-Thread Size - 12 mm , Hex Size 5/8” (18 mm)
    8- Running temp - (2 Hot – 12 Cold)
    H- Thread Reach - 12.07mm (1/2”)
    A- Thread Reach Stem - Special Design (this is for years prior to 82)


    D- Thread Size - 12 mm , Hex Size 5/8” (18 mm)
    R- Construction Type - Resistor type (They pretty much all are these days)
    8- Running temp - (2 Hot – 12 Cold)
    H- Thread Reach - 12.07mm (1/2”)
    S- Thread Reach Stem – Standard 2.5 MMO Center Electrode
    So taking into consideration that the only difference is the type (which btw isn’t different),
    and the Reach Stem (which pretty much all plugs used in Honda machines used the standard 2.5 MMOCE) I was good to go.

    I popped the new plug in and got a good blue spark which means that it’s good. (Damn better well be).
    This also tells me that the electrical is good. For the most part.
    I checked the compression with my finger... seems good.
    As I was finishing putting the plug back in, I noticed that the make shift kill switch was actually cut at the light where it goes in. So I pulled out my spare from my 70 build and popped it in. I had to rewire and replace some of the connections in the headlight case due to rust.
    Next is to try again. Choke on, fuel on, kill switch in run position… pull! Well the light lit up this time.
    That’s good. But the pull cord won’t retract properly. Damn. Off comes the recoil.
    After taking it apart (minus the coil housing) I noticed that the “team” wires
    for the dogs were broken, the dogs were worn and the cover for them was braking. Fudge.
    I was able to shimmy things and fix it up so that it should work until I get my new parts in.
    So here we go again.. pull! SNAP! …. Lol j/k
    No it showed signs of life. So tried it again… and third times the charm… there we go. Purring like a kitten on steroids… :S

    After tuning the carb for a few minutes, I got it running nicely.
    I made a few notes on what I will replace to fix this toy up and hopefully have it safely running by the first dumping of snow

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    If you are wondering, those are car jacks I picked up for $25 a pair at my local CT store. It Helps to protect the machine while storing outside during the winter. And yes, that's my beer holder OK! Don't have to be fancy, just has to work.

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      Good rundown on how to get a machine running for the newbs! They are a fun machine for sure. Check out last Springs pics in the link. The 1982 tank was rotten so I put a spare US90 tank on it.

      +1 degree C! I'd give my left n*t for that, we haven't been above -20 for over a week now. We even hit -34 one night. One good thing is Cold Lake froze up early.